In attendance: Hanny, Jenny W, Gabi, Bryce, Julia H, Meghan, Lauren, Julia W, Jim, Cara

@MIT: Julia H

Absent: Jenny P

  • Follow up on meetings with Meg and Jim regarding advisor relationships
    1. One of the major recommendations was to establish a meeting half way through the PhD. Likely after generals and first committee meeting (3rd years).
    2. Will implement this in the upcoming academic year.
    3. Meg will continue to conduct mentoring workshops and will host one for the advisors as well.
    4. Will meet with all the advisors for the incoming class where they will discuss some of the key practices that advisors are expected to follow.
    5. If the institution does not hire an ombudsperson, there could be an option to have the HR department mediate between and advisor and student.
    6. It would also be nice for students to be able to get feedback from advisors.
  • Open Access publishing for Students
    1. Cara’s initiative to have students be able to deposit their papers in an open access database similar to the one established at MIT
    2. In order for this to happen the scientific staff will have to agree. Jim has added this to the agenda of the staff council that includes all the department heads.
    3. Having such a database can help the library leverage/negotiate with journals.
    4. It is crucial to have the students and scientific staff that having such a policy will NOT affect the author’s choice of journal for publication
    5. Cara has drafted a support letter for the policy on behalf of the JP Reps.
    6. Will send out an email to the student body in case there are any strong objections.
  • Accreditation Committee
    1. Report was generally favorable
    2. Concern regarding the level of participation of MIT in the Joint program
    3. Final decision regarding accreditation will be released in the fall.
  • Shuttles and Dorms
    1. Two additional stops for OP will be added one more in the morning and one more in the evening (8:25 and 8:45) (5:25 and 5:45) 12:05 one will remain as is. These times will go into effect on June 6.
    2. May add more stops if there is high demand.
  • Upcoming events
    1. Graduate Reception - Come to the reception it’s a super short program, no speeches. Just fun and celebration!
    2. Armstrong Open House – come help! It’s open to the public and it’s nice to have students there answer questions for the public
  • Education Assembly
    1. Meeting on 2:30 on June 1st, right before the graduate reception. All JP reps can attend.
    2. If you have anything to add to the agenda please email Jim!
  • Summer Picnic alternative
    1. JP Reps decided to scrap the summer picnic as it doesn’t really benefit JP students
    2. Instead propose an event where WHOI JP students can go up to Boston and MIT students can join. Possible options:
      1. NEAq
      2. MFA
      3. Museum of Science
  • Courier Service for receipts
    1. Can we email Julia with receipts? Yes, for some of the events, depends what fund is covering it.
    2. Ask Julia first to make sure.
    3. If receipts can stay at WHOI then give them to Linda (in APO).
  • Christina Ortiz is leaving MIT (she gave us ODGE funds). Should send her a card from the JP students saying thank you!
    1. There have been emails to the list from people outside of the joint program.
    2. Should there be non-JP students on this list? Especially if they are asking for bus tickets, which APO funds?
    3. Who is the moderator?
    4. Can also send reminder out that only JP students should share bus tickets
    5. Would the JP be able introduce the first years to taxes, especially for those on fellowships?
    6. Would Casey want to organize it himself?
    7. Can at least compile a few helpful links.
    8. Jenny W has been putting together a new handbook for new JP students, with helpful tips and links
    9. There are only a few students around this summer can perhaps to wait for the fall?
    10. Or do two.
    11. There will be a lunch for the incoming students.